Our services

Technical Department

Through our ongoing research work, we’re aiming to improve our practices, products and services day in and day out, adapting to our clients and offering them a comprehensive, modular and efficient solution.

Our technical team’s experience in the design process for a huge and diverse range of projects, along with our commercial team’s knowledge of the market, mean that we’re able to find solutions for our clients’ most complex work sites.

Tendo is a technical-commercial partner which has given itself the mission of supporting and assisting its clients, regardless of the challenges created by the work at hand, implementing the solutions and innovations needed to get their jobs done.

Thanks to our continuous product development, we’re able to propose optimised scaffolding systems, offering solutions that really make a difference on-site. The simple structure of our scaffolding allows for a reduction in training and assembly time for installers, guaranteeing better outcomes all-round.

Our continuous product development has also enabled us to optimise the number of different parts, meaning in turn that we can provide a solution adapted to almost any work site with a limited number of parts per assembly.