Our values


At Tendo, we listen to our clients, we take the time to understand their expectations in order to provide them with the products and services of tomorrow.
Sincerely and continuously listening to employees and colleagues is the foundation of solid and effective teamwork.


At Tendo, fulfilling our commitments is fundamentally important to all of us.
We advocate a culture of taking initiative and empowerment, alongside a duty to fulfil the commitments that we make, both between employees as well as with clients and partners.


At Tendo, innovation is at the core of our identity. We work hand-in-hand with our clients and our environment in order to improve our products and our processes.
We encourage initiative and always challenge ourselves, at both group and individual levels, in order to develop new ideas.


At Tendo, we put quality first in order to guarantee the efficacy of our user safety products and processes as well as the durability of constructions. This also involves paying close attention to the health and safety of all our employees.


At Tendo, we believe in the value of our employees. Cultivating personal development, skills, positive conduct and teamwork is an integral part of our culture.
We share this pride with others by promoting the value of our brand, image, and factories as well as the men and women behind them.