Quality, safety and environmental approach

Tendo provides a guarantee for its staff in relation to their safety, quality and environment. For this purpose, the company has adopted an approach that aligns with international quality standards, including standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. It aims for continuous improvement, so that it can offer responsible working conditions whilst producing high-quality products.


  1. Client satisfaction and experience
  2. The company’s civic engagement
  3. Industry deployment
  4. Efficient and effective use of resources and capacities
  5. Importance of staff development


Tendo offers the highest quality of products and services possible. As part of this mission, it obtained ISO 9001 and CE 12810-12811 certification over 20 years ago and has upheld these standards ever since. This quality marker attests to both the compliance of our products and the expertise of our company, guaranteeing added value (for products and services alike). To maintain this level of excellence, we closely monitor each step of the quality assurance process, from purchase right up to production procedures.

The Quality Department teams oversee steps covering:

  1. Implementation: Quality assurance testing, compliance and product certification;
  2. Verification: Production traceability and product tracking;
  3. Reports: Result recording and test archiving;
  4. Continuous improvement Participation in the implementation and optimisation of testing protocols


To verify the traceability of the company’s safety instructions, we’ve drafted a unique document that quantifies the professional risks of our work. The health and safety of our staff are at the top of our list of priorities.


Tendo has always sought to be a company that respects the environment. To meet its clients’ needs, the company has adopted a new corporate social responsibility (CSR) framework, which consists of combining all practices aiming to ensure compliance with the principles of sustainable development, economically viable and contributing a positive impact for both our company and the environment.

These certifications guarantee the excellence of our products:

  1. All our products undergo rigorous testing, carried out by independent laboratory to ensure fail-safe quality guarantees.
  2. Tendo is an independent member of the European and Spanish commission for height access. It’s also part of the scaffolding union.
  3. Tendo has always worked closely with Spanish and European companies to guarantee the safety of its products.
  4. Tendo is committed to offering safe and high-quality products that comply with European standards.

Our products are certified and labelled by independent inspection authorities that are recognised in every country in the European Union Being awarded these quality labels is the result of an approach voluntarily undertaken by the manufacturer. They’ve been attributed by official laboratories which authenticate the compliance of Tendo’s products with the applicable laws and standards.