The Group

The Frénéhard & Michaux Group is a group of industrial companies collectively counting over 1,200 employees around the world. Our companies provide high-quality products and services which meet the needs of specialists in working at height, roofers and other professionals in the construction sector.

22 plants in Europe

Turnover of 300 million euros

Presence in more than 70 countries


We’re committed to providing our clients with safe and reliable solutions to meet their professional needs With over a century of experience in manufacturing aluminium and steel, we’re experts in manufacturing innovative height access solutions.

We operate around the globe, with 24 international sites across Europe, and we’re thus able to provide you with products designed to meet your needs, wherever you’re based.


  • Building on the strengths and skills of our entities, enabling them to offer their clients the very best.
  • Concentrating each of our brands on its core trade.
  • Using our brands’ experience to access new markets.
  • Developing the Group’s geographical coverage in the construction and industry markets.
  • Deploying research and development collaborations to optimise our product ranges.


Creation of Frénéhard

Creation of Frénéhard & Michaux

Creation of the anti-fall protection activity through Securigard

Integration of FMS Ringue

Integration of Artub, Skyworks, Tendo and Tubesca-Comabi

Integration of Syam

Integration of MA Estructuras

Integration of Gamesystem

Integration of Altrex