Trust At Height

Altrex, Artub, FMS Ringue, Frénéhard, Gamesystem, MA Estructuras, Securigard, Skyworks, Syam, Tendo, Tubesca-Comabi… Were all heading in the same direction. Our family name is Frénéhard & Michaux, and we all share the same vision: Securing your work sites with our scaffolding and ladders, collective and individual protection equipment and roofing and fixing accessories.

We are all aware of the risks that come with working at height, and it’s of the utmost important that we work together to guarantee your safety.


  • Permanent guardrails for flat roofs
  • Temporary guardrails on roofs and bottom of roof slopes
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Fixed and mobile anchors, lifelines
  • Skylight protections
  • Walkways and footbridges
  • Hooped ladders
  • Suspended platforms
  • Fixed scaffolding and scaffold towers, on console and temporary roofing system
  • Ladder lifts
  • Ladders and roof ladders
  • Stepladders, lightweight individual work platforms
  • Audit, consulting, design, training, location, installation and follow-up