Our story

Our company of skilled professionals specialises in designing and manufacturing scaffolding systems. Since 1990, we’ve been working with professionals in the Spanish construction and industry sector, providing them with tailor-made scaffolding solutions that comply with the applicable legislation.

In 2016, the company merged with French industrial group Frénéhard & Michaux. This merger reinforced the synergies between all of the companies within the group, offering Tendo the opportunity to perfect its medium- and long-term strategy and to further develop its product and service offering. This evolution has create a guarantee for constant perspectives and durable action.

We produce two scaffolding models which are inter-compatible in terms of height: “framed” and “multi”, fitted with a patented multi-directional octagonal disc.

Based in Tarazona (in Saragosse Province), the company is one of the founding members of the AFAC [Association of Certified Scaffolding Manufacturers].